Novotný Glass 2022. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. | Developed by: Ondřej Pomykal a Studio Nordie

Novotny Glass Studio is a small family glassworks located in the glass town of Nový Bor, 100 km north of Prague. It is owned by world-renowned glass master Petr Novotný, who has rebuilt the former kindergarten into a complex connecting the glassworks with the restaurant Huť (formerly Restaurant Ajeto) and a modern glass museum. The studio also has a cold shop and workshops where Novotny Glass Tools is being produced. There is also a glass gallery with the sale of both, utility and art glass.

The name of Petr Novotný is not only synonymous with perfect glassmaking craft and art, but for some time also a brand of high-end glass-making tools made in small series in a workshop that has found its place in the Novotny Glass Glass Center.

The Novotny Glass Museum offers a collection of modern glass art as well as a unique possibility to have a look into the Novotny Glass Studio. The museum aims to deepen the cultural life with help of a permanent exhibition, short-time exhibitions, public lectures and a library full of books about glass.